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How much is a taxi in Richmond, BC, Canada?


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Taxi rates in Richmond, BC

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Taxi in Richmond, BC: some basics

We thought this would be useful at least for those who only start travelling, to quickly cover some of taxi cab essentials in Richmond, at least how we see them. We will be glad to hear your remarks, tips and suggestions.

Never get in a taxicab before agreeing on your ride fare.

Period. So, BEFORE you jump in a taxicab - ensure you concur on the ride cost. Basically, in Richmond you only have 2 options: a metered charge or a negotiated price.

Have the right change.

It always surprises if not disturbs, when some Richmond cab driver gives you a price to get to a certain place, you arrive there and hand over a larger banknote and the cab driver looks stunned that you expect him to give back change. To avoid this - just have a lot of small bills on you and give the exact cash sum as your fare. Or if Uber (or similar taxi app) is available in your locality, then you can just use Uber app to book a taxi in Richmond and pay with your credit card linked to your app account.

Ask for directions in the local language.

Your hotel in Richmond ought to have a business card, where they have the hotel address written in the local language - make sure to get one when checking in. Furthermore, in the event that you are going anyplace by taxi in Richmond, ask people at the hotel write driving directions in the local language.

Stick to Richmond licensed cabs.

This is not an issue most of the time, but if you prefer to be safe, we recommend using a licensed cab in Richmond.

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